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Comprehensive review of Geforce Now from NVIDIA

 Many companies have services to broadcast games in the cloud without the need to own a device capable of running them, and Geforce Now from Nvidia is one of these services, because it allows you to broadcast games via any smart device, including a phone or computer.

Comprehensive review of Geforce Now from NVIDIA

And you will not need any hardware for the service to be able to run it, as it works through any device you own with the same efficiency. Nvidia has introduced a new package to subscribe to Geforce Now at a price of $100 for six months, and it is the highest package it offers.

This package enables you to enjoy various games in 4K resolution at 60 frames per second or 1440 pixels at 120 frames per second, thanks to its use of the RTX 3080 card in its gaming centers, this means that you are getting the best possible performance.

Experience gaming via NVIDIA service

The company was able, thanks to its reliance on powerful hardware in its servers, to broadcast games with a quality that is almost close to the PlayStation 4 or home computers.

But this quality requires a set of conditions in order to be able to use and benefit from it, as you must have a strong internet connection.

In addition, a router that uses 5.0GHz Wi-Fi networks, in order to reduce any delay in responding to commands.

You also need a large internet package, as games consume more than 50 megabytes per second when broadcasting at the highest possible resolution and at the highest graphic level.

And when you complete all these conditions, you get a unique and unique gaming experience, where you can take advantage of all NVIDIA technologies through the Geforce Now service.

This means using techniques such as DLSS to increase the accuracy of the game based on artificial intelligence with various ray tracing techniques.

The experience of gaming at high and low resolutions is very close to the experience of home gaming, according to reports issued by the service and its experiences.

Some reports have tested Control, Shadow oF the Tomb Raider, and Destiny 2 games to be able to determine the quality of service in more than one scenario.

Comprehensive review of Geforce Now from NVIDIA

Game test results with NVIDIA Geforce Now

The best service performance appeared with Game Control that uses various Nvidia technologies, as the result was a very clear and smooth picture at high resolution.

So testers couldn't easily tell the difference between the home console version and the Geforce Now version of Control.

From left to right: The game on the home computer - via Geforce Now - different resolutions in Geforce Now - Stadia platform from Google

You can see the different models of the Control game across more than one game platform such as Stadia, home computer, and others in the image above.

And that success continued with Destiny 2, where the service was able to run in 4K resolution and a refresh rate above 60 frames per second.

With the graphics settings at the highest resolution and resolution available in the game, this is important for fans of multiplayer games.

But with Shadow Of The Tomb Raider some minor issues started to appear, as the resulting image wasn't at its best.

A number of errors appeared that made the image blurred, but the percentage of these errors was few in addition to being unnoticeable from a distance.

Geforce Now manages to achieve this difficult equation thanks to its use of very good and powerful hardware in its servers.

This is evident when using in-game performance tests, and the server may score better than your home computer.

The game control is also not too bad, and the game responds to commands with a lot more ease than using the controller on home consoles.

But it is not the same quality or the same speed in response, and this is to be expected due to the delay in the transmission of orders and their return to you.

Comprehensive review of Geforce Now from NVIDIA

Is Geforce Now suitable for home console replacement?

While the service offers a solid alternative to home consoles for those who love fast games or who don't spend much time playing.

However, it is still far from professional and violent game lovers, as your connection may be exposed to anything that makes the game slow or stop working.

This is what was noted by previous reports, as the game started to stop when someone turned on YouTube alongside the game.

Therefore, you need to use the service without using any other internet connection, or have an internet connection dedicated to the service only, which is not suitable for many.

Also, the service still consumes a lot of data to get the best performance and the most beautiful result, so it may not be suitable for some.

But with graphics cards and gaming platforms disappearing from markets around the world, and the difficulty of obtaining them, the service is a good alternative.

Also, Nvidia is raising the service prices in a crazy and illogical way every year, and it has reached the price of $ 100 every 6 months after it was $ 100 a year.

So you can expect further price increases randomly and illogically like what happened previously with the platform.

You also need to get a Sheild device from NVIDIA if you want to enjoy the service via 4K resolution and premium HDR technologies.

In addition, you get a bunch of games that are available for free within the service, but you need to purchase any additional game you wish.