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How to add links to Instagram stories

 The Instagram platform has launched an update that allows any user to add links to their stories, after the feature was exclusive to those who have at least 10,000 followers.

How to add links to Instagram stories

The company has released the feature alongside a related press release, which talks about the platform's equity and learning standards.

The platform sees the use of links in its stories as a useful feature for many business owners and marketers via Instagram.

You can easily share links to products you sell or want to market to via Stories.

Add links to Instagram stories

You can use this feature as you would use the feature to add music tracks or polls directly to Instagram Stories.

By following these steps:

Head over to the app and create your new story that you like, and then tap on the Instagram sticker tool.

When you open the list of stickers that you can use across the platform, you can choose the link sticker.

And then you put your link that you want to add to the story through this sticker, and the company says that it allows users to modify the design of links and the shape of their sticker later.

Supported labels may vary in each region or country depending on the laws and regulations of those countries, or according to the platform update and schedule.

So you may not see the links label appear right in front of you, but expect it to start appearing soon by selecting the labels.

Facebook turned dead

The founder and owner of Facebook, which owns some social networks such as Instagram, WhatsApp and Giphy, announced that his company's name had changed to Meta instead of Facebook.

This is in order to keep pace with the new development in the world and the company's upcoming interest in designing and marketing the virtual world of MetaVerse.

Previously, Facebook acquired a group of small companies in order to take an interest in the virtual world and augmented reality.

Oculus is one of the most important companies that Facebook acquired previously, and the company's product names have also been changed to become Meta.

The Meta company also announced its new smart watch, which comes with a front camera bumper to protect it and be able to put it in the watch.