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How to store screenshots on Mac automatically

 Mac provides a good and powerful tool to be able to take screenshots directly, and this tool allows you to take screenshots anywhere in the system.

How to store screenshots on Mac automatically

However, Mac does not store screenshots in the system's Pictures folder, leaving them on the desktop.

This may cause some inconvenience for users who want to keep screenshots they took previously.

 Mac screenshots automatically stored in Pictures folder

With Automater, the new shortcut app in Monterey, you can save screenshots to any folder you want.

By programming an automatic function that works when you take a screenshot directly, and then transfers it to any folder you want.

You can use the Mac Automater app before Monterey or the Monterey Shortcuts.

You can also set up the automatic function and command via Automater and then transfer it to the Shortcuts application easily.

You can do this by following these steps in the Automater app:

First go to the application and launch it, and then create a new document by clicking on File and then New.

Then choose the Jobs folder and press the radio button, and search for the Finder option through the menu on the left.

When you find it, look for the option to redact the contents of the Finder, and then move it to the boxes on the right side of the screen.

Change the type of files this function works with to Images, and then search again in the left-hand menu for Image selection.

Then look for the option to move photos from files to the Photos app, and move it to the right side of the screen.

And choose the job conditions now, which is to transfer photos that are saved in the desktop to the Photos application.

And then save the new function by choosing File and then Save, and now when you save any screenshot in any folder you will find that it is automatically moved to the Pictures folder.