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Netflix games are available to all members on Android

 After early testing in select markets, Netflix has announced that its first collection of exclusive mobile games will begin reaching all members globally via Android devices starting this week.

Netflix games are available to all members on Android

In July, the streaming service confirmed its plans to enter the mobile gaming market. It described games as another new content category for the company to offer its subscribers, along with movies and television.

Since then, the company has made available to members a growing number of free games without ads or in-app payments, including a mix of casual games and those centered on the popular original TV series Stranger Things.

The company expanded its investment in gaming some time ago. At the E3 gaming conference in 2019, she detailed a series of game integrations across popular gaming platforms such as Roblox and Fortnite.

It also plans to bring new Stranger Things games to the market. She then began working with game studio BonusXP on Stranger Things: The Game, which has since been rebranded to Stranger Things: 1984 to distinguish it from Stranger Things 3.

These two games also became the first games to be tested within the platform's Android app when the company began marketing its games in Poland in August.

And in September, Netflix also acquired independent game developer Night School Studio, known for narrative-driven games like Oxenfree, to build its own game library.

Edition includes two mobile games, Stranger Things

Last month, it launched three new casual games - Shooting Hoops, Teeter Up and Card Blast - to its subscribers in Spain and Italy, as well as Poland.

This complete collection is now available to all members globally via Android. Including two Stranger Things and the three regular games.

To access the games, users click on the new games tab in the service app for Android where the games are listed.

After selecting the game, users are directed to the Google Play Store to install it. In order to sign in and play the game, a Netflix membership is required.

Games are available to play at any time by clicking on them within the Service application or via the home screen of an Android device.

During the tests, the games were only available to users of Android smartphones. But with the global launch, it becomes available to members who use Android tablets as well.

The company says it plans to roll out downloadable games for iOS users in the coming months. However, this may be a little more difficult than on Android. This is due to Apple's stricter App Store rules, which generally prevent apps from hosting other apps and games.