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Top 5 Online Document Editing Tools

 When talking about document editing and processing applications, we find that the Microsoft Office package is the most popular in this field. However, there are now plenty of online document editing tools out there that offer much-needed features.

Top 5 Online Document Editing Tools

Many online document editors address the shortcomings of these common applications such as collaboration-focused features, essential project tools for teamwork, and easy document design.

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Best Document Editing Tool for Writers: Draft

Draft is one of the best document editing tools for writers, both online and offline, and is the best alternative to Office suite and Google Docs.

The tool offers a lot of features such as updating the document via the computers of the people who have modified it. You can accept or reject these changes. There is the possibility to convert the highlighted text into a comment and then return it back to the document.

The tool offers a task checklist feature in any document. It uses artificial intelligence to analyze what you've written while suggesting a simpler way to write the sentence itself.

Best Form Builder: Slick Docs

Slick Docs offers you a large selection of templates for resumes, flyers, brochures, and lists with more comprehensive customization options.

When you create a new document, you'll find a sidebar with a rolling list of previously designed forms. All you have to do is customize the form to your liking.

There are additional options such as adding a caption or alt text, changing the style and size, and adding links.

The tool offers you the possibility to go back to the previous version of the document within the history history. And download the document as a PDF or get a shareable URL.

Best Team Tool: Whimsical

Whimsical is a visual workspace that combines document editing and task creation that makes it ideal for teamwork when collaborating on a project together from anywhere.

The document editor includes all the usual formatting and media for text. It has some special formatting options like to-do lists with drag and drop.

The tool allows real-time collaboration for up to ten people. The tool also offers a flowchart feature to create a series of interconnected panels.

You can use and use the tool to create and manage employee rolls, meeting notes, and brainstorming.

Best Google Docs Alternative: Hush Docs

If your primary concern when using Google Docs is the privacy features it offers then Hush Docs is the best alternative for that.

The tool offers the option of accessing the stored documents only by you or someone you share the link with. Also you can use the tool offline. This allows you to cache files in your browser.

And if you create an account, you can sync files to access them anywhere.

And the Docs itself has most of the things you want like various fonts, text formatting options, support for links, images, and videos.

Best Document Editor for Students and Researchers: YADA

YADA offers a different way to edit documents and is especially focused on students and researchers who are looking for a simple and easy to use document editor.

The tool offers document marking feature, as each line or paragraph of the document is a self-contained block.

You can add tags to this section for easier searching later, which is useful for study and research for those who make a lot of cross-referencing.

Additionally there is a cards feature. And you can create question-and-answer type cards from your existing text and tags.

Educators can use the tool to quickly take and organize notes in class by adding tags that show relevant sections.

Tags can also be used in different views such as using tagged content in one file to appear in another document.

There is also a slideshow mode that turns any document's flashcards into a slideshow.