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Amazon made its first Alexa-enabled TV

 Amazon launched its first Alexa-enabled TV built into the device itself, which means you don't need to buy a separate device to take advantage of Alexa's features.

You can also control this TV without the need to use its remote control, as you can talk to it and direct commands to it.

Amazon made its first Alexa-enabled TV

This move comes as an evolution of what was previously done by Amazon, where it was selling Fire TV Sticks or Cubes and they need a TV in order to work.

And she's been collaborating with some TV manufacturers to put her own Fire TV system in it and make it Alexa-compatible.

The Omni Series TV differs from all the devices previously provided by Amazon, as it comes as a complete TV and not a piece that connects to the TV.

You can also control the TV directly via voice commands without the need for any controls or pressing any Aliska buttons.

In the past, you needed to press the Alexa button on your remote to activate its voice commands and receive commands.

Amazon made its first Alexa-enabled TV

New Amazon TV Features

Amazon TV comes with a distinctive design without any visible edges, and uses a 4K screen in an ultra-thin design that makes it invisible.

The TV comes with its own external remote, but you can do without it entirely and use Alexa voice commands.

The TV has four microphones to pick up sound, and these microphones are located at the top of the TV, and they are always ready to pick up your voice.

And the company has tried to place the audio capture devices as far as possible from the speakers so that the voices do not mix on the voice assistant and to listen to you accurately.

And you can turn off these microphones at any time you want via the dedicated button at the bottom of the TV, to maintain privacy.

And there's nothing Alexa can't do via voice commands, as you can request to switch between different TV stations or broadcast sources.

As a result, you can ask Alexa to switch from live TV to your Xbox and so on.

You can also make some video calls on the TV, where you can connect an external camera to it via the USB port on the back.

But this camera does not work with the usual video chat apps, you only need Alexa apps to make these calls.

Amazon uses good chipsets for the TV, which can produce colors as sharply and accurately as any leading TV from other companies.

This means that you can have it as a regular TV and not a smart TV that uses Amazon's premium voice assistant, and the device is compatible with all Amazon smart home devices.

Amazon made its first Alexa-enabled TV

Disadvantages of Alexa TV

There have been reports of some problems that users encountered when speaking to Alexa and requesting to play a particular series or content.

Amazon says that these errors or problems come due to the way different applications deal with Alexa and the way content is archived, and that Alexa is still trying to learn and adapt to voice commands and play content on TV.

But the system interface remains the biggest problem with the new Amazon TV, as the interface appears in 1080p while the entire TV works in 4K resolution.

Amazon justifies this by making the system low in accuracy so that it works better and faster, and so that users do not have problems with it.

A group of users also complained about sudden ads appearing in the interface while they are watching some work.

Amazon says this is part of the way the TV is pricing and a source of income for them, but is considered unacceptable given the price of the TV approaching $1,000.