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Changing the name does not work Facebook secrets leak: “Zuckerberg should step down”

After scandals erupted last month about the policy of the social networking giant, and the way it lured users, the former Facebook employee, Frances Hogan, appeared again, arguing that the head of the blue site should step down.

Changing the name does not work Facebook secrets leak

Hogan urged Mark Zuckerberg to step down from the company's leadership and allow for change, rather than allocating resources to just changing its name!

Changing the name does not work

It also considered the renaming "meaningless" in light of the continued ignoring of security problems. "Facebook has always chosen to expand rather than perfect the business," she added.

In addition, she said in her first public statements on Monday evening in Barcelona, ​​according to Reuters news agency, "I think it is unlikely that there will be a change in the company as long as (Zuckerberg) is the CEO."

The former director of content at Facebook also responded in the affirmative to the question whether Zuckerberg should resign from his position.

Changing the name does not work

"It might be an opportunity for someone else to take over," said the former employee, who leaked information about the company. "Facebook would be stronger with someone focused on security."

New look!

It is noteworthy that Facebook, which has three billion users in its social networking applications on the Internet, announced last week that it had changed its name to Meta to focus on building (Metaverse), a shared virtual reality environment.

The announcement came amid fierce criticism from lawmakers and regulators about the company's business practices - notably its massive market power, algorithmic decisions and abuse monitoring on its services.