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Top 8 Safari Extensions for iOS 15

 The Safari browser in iOS 15 has received a number of various and major updates, and one of these updates was the support for third-party add-ons.

Top 8 Safari Extensions for iOS 15

You can find Safari browser add-ons via the App Store for iPhone or iPad phones alike.

These add-ons allow a variety of additional uses that were not previously available in the browser, in order to attract users to it.

Best Safari Extensions in iOS 15

You can access and control which Safari add-ons are enabled or disabled as you wish, by following these steps:

Go to the Safari app, tap the aA icon in the address bar, and then choose Manage Extensions.

After that, you will see a list of all the Safari add-ons that have been installed on your phone, and you can activate or close the add-on through this list.

Top 8 Safari Extensions for iOS 15

Add Dark Browser

With this add-on, you can turn all the websites you browse to dark mode and make speech appear on the dark background in a slightly off-white color.

This add-on darkens the images a bit instead of switching and inverting their colors just like some other plugins do.

Top 8 Safari Extensions for iOS 15

Add Super Agent

This extension hides the cookie messages that automatically appear to you on every website you visit for the first time, and it answers the question as you wish.

So if you want the site not to track your cookies, you tell the extension to do so and it rejects the cookies automatically.

Search websites faster with Keyword Research

This extension allows you to set special shortcuts for each site you want to search within its database, so when you want to search within Amazon, you type the Amazon shortcut that you put and then search for the thing you want.

Thus, you do not need to go to Amazon first and use the search bar on the Amazon website itself, but search directly through the address bar.

Add Map Redirect

This add-on overrides the default Maps app on your phone, so when you click on a map link, you're taken to your favorite app instead of Apple Maps.

This extension works with all map links in the Internet, whether it is through Facebook or the usual sites.

Add 1Password

1Password is one of the most popular password management and security applications in general, and the application has an add-on for the Safari browser.

This add-on helps you to enter passwords faster into websites while browsing online.

Add Momentum

This extension helps you customize the start page of Safari in iOS 15, with elegant wallpapers, display of weather data, and more.

You can log in to the site to make the start page the same between all the devices and computers that you use.

Add AutoScroll for tiktok

This add-on activates the automatic transition between clips in Tik Tok, but you need to use the platform's website instead of the application to benefit from it.

Add Lazy Words to learn languages

This add-on helps you learn a new language by browsing the Internet, and it randomly replaces some words with the new language.

Thus, you may find that a group of words has changed from English to Spanish so that you can master them.