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Microsoft Loop.. New Office App for the Era of Mixed Work

 Microsoft has launched Microsoft Loop, a new Office application designed to help workers stay on top of projects during collaborative work.

Microsoft Loop.. New Office App for the Era of Mixed Work

The biggest change to Microsoft Office documents in decades is the expansion of the Microsoft Loop, which is the center of a new way to work in Office.

Microsoft Loop includes portable components that move freely and stay synchronized across applications, allowing teams to think, plan, and create together.

Microsoft Loop is the new brand for Microsoft Fluid, which are collections of collaborative Office content that can exist independently and can be copied, pasted, and shared with others.

Much like Microsoft Fluid, Microsoft Loop has three main components: Loop components, Loop pages, and Loop workspaces.

Loop components are live pieces of content that can exist across multiple applications. They are updated in real time and free for anyone to access.

This can be a list shared in a Microsoft Teams channel and also editable in a Loop, or notes in a calendar entry also available to paste into Outlook and edited in real time in an email.

These components can also be located in the main Microsoft Loop center, inside what the company calls shared Loop workspaces.

Loop components are almost similar to the project panel, where you can see a list of all Loop components, Loop pages, and who is currently working on them. It's more like a modern file explorer, where everything is live and collaborative.

Microsoft Loop extends across Microsoft 365 apps

Whereas, Loop pages are the individual panels where people can share and collaborate on Loop components. It's like a modern version of the whiteboard but much more powerful because you can insert and share components created by people outside of Loop.

And not everyone needs to be part of the entire Loop, as individual components can be edited in real time from other apps.

These collaborative Loop components have been Microsoft's dream for the past couple of years. The company was clearly adjusting how the Loop operates to fit the realities of pandemic life.

The Microsoft Loop Central appears to be an improved way to track and organize these components. It represents a clear response to the new era of hybrid work to which many companies are adapting.

And while Microsoft has been talking about Loop (Fluid) for nearly 18 months, it still isn't present inside the Office apps yet.

Microsoft Loop components are coming to Microsoft Teams, Outlook, and OneNote this month. The main Microsoft Loop app will be released at a later date.